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Why Invest in Gold – Why You Should Buy Gold

Why invest In gold is a common question that more and more people are asking today. With interest rates at all time lows and the United States economy in a recession, people are looking at alternative stores of value other than paper currency.

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Investments in 2009

Most people today are scrambling around trying to figure out if they should spend money on vacation or even eating out. The way this economy is going it has even the more flamboyant with their money in conservative mode. We work hard all week and even put money into our safe or not so safe 401K plans and await the results. We want to retire early but most of us need a part-time job even with our pension plan. When we were younger it was engrained in our thinking to go to college and a secure a job and everything will be fine. This is a myth for some and works for others. However once the children come the nicer mini-van, the larger house, the dogs, and the college education for the children we are at a bump in the road. While in panic mode some of us work more hours if our company permits overtime while others pick up a second job to satisfy the difference. The only problem with this solution to our financial burden is now we may be able to pay our bills but we have no time in our schedule to enjoy those around us. This predicament really forces us into a plan B. We start to think of investments and how they could pay us the rest of our lives and the rest of our children’s lives. Now we are on to something pretty remarkable.

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